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Today was focused on life at a slightly larger level than nano — fungi and microbes. I am incredibly excited for the mycelium project, and will definitely be documenting the growth of my kit. However, in this blog I will be more focused on the microbial theater activity we did and presented in class. At […]

Project Prosthetic

For the last two days the main focus has been working on our group final project. My group members are Johnathan, Brett, and Miranda, and our project surrounds making an eco-friendly, fairly priced, and quality prosthetic possibly by use of quantum physics and developing sensor tech. From what I’ve learned regarding quantum physics and the […]


Today in class we had a lecture about CRISPR and genetics in general, and one point that was mentioned regarded epigenetics, which I found interesting. I learned a little bit about this subject in freshman biology, and it’s enthralling that our genome can be change just based on how we live our lives. I decided […]