For the last two days the main focus has been working on our group final project. My group members are Johnathan, Brett, and Miranda, and our project surrounds making an eco-friendly, fairly priced, and quality prosthetic possibly by use of quantum physics and developing sensor tech.

From what I’ve learned regarding quantum physics and the mind, is that it may be possible to actually control our mind using phosphate ions in the form of posner molecules. These molecules can actually resist decoherence (becoming in one place – static) for around a day. That means there would be enough time for these molecules to trigger the firing of a signal to another neuron creating an entanglement or a “thought.” This hasn’t really been worked with before just because of the fact quantum physics affecting our minds is currently just a conjecture. I do think it would be interesting to create a hypothetical model of a prosthetic using this quantum tech with the somewhat established (being actively experimented on) IMES (myoelectric) tech. It would probably make the prosthetic function very close to a real hand due to the fact that both these posner and IMES are both within the muscle.

As for materials, we were thinking about 3d printing some aspects of the prosthetic in order to reduce costs (this wasn’t my focus of research so I’m not completely sure exactly what materials could work). As for an art aspect, we haven’t fully fleshed out what that would be.

I really enjoy working with my group, and I think our idea is pretty interesting. I haven’t really looked into that much about prosthetics and quantum tech, so it’s nice to be able to learn more about the subject.


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