Designing @ SkyRealmAI

Role // Product Design Intern
Duration // Jun - Aug 2023
Tools // Figma            
I worked under CEO Rick Chang to develop a UI mockup for an AI - Ollie the Orca Consultant - that provides useful information and feedback to students + others interested in becoming consultants. 


Initial Research

First, I looked at social media apps like TikTok and LinkedIn to determine what type of consulting content the general consulting user is interested in. 

I then mapped out the info presented on each page of a website targeting aspiring consultants: Lastly, I executed website crawls on the site’s blogs to understand how the blogs are organized - informing how an AI may store + lookup content. 

Overall, I learned that most consulting content seen on social media revolves around interview tips, career advice, and reasons to get into consulting. This aligns with the main info present on

Website crawling highlighted the site’s blog title structure - [main topic][specific details of topic] - allowing URL’s to be the main topic - and, if the main topic is taken, specific details can be added on to make a unique URL. So, an AI could look for the main topic + specific details in a user’s question, then search for them to answer the question. 

Design Inspiration

I believe that human-AI interaction shouldn’t be treated the same as human-human interaction since they serve different purposes. I don’t think AI can currently replace human mock interviews for prep, but an AI can still provide all the consulting info presented on TikTok or consulting websites without the user having to move from site to site to find what they’re looking for.

I decided on designing an AI bot. I wanted to emphasize that this bot shouldn’t be a human replacement, so I made the bot an animal - living things humans emotionally connect, but aren’t human. The animal I decided on was “Ollie the Orca Consultant” as orcas are intelligent apex predators, pushing the message that this AI will guide you to the top of the consulting ladder.

I wanted the overall visual design to feel clean, minimal, and professional. So, I went with a neutral color scheme along with modern sans serif fonts similar to those of modern big-name consulting firms like BCG and Oliver Wyman. 
Initial Sketch of Product Layout
Design Components:
- Noto Sans (display) and Gothic A1 (text)
- orca vector image can be found here
Design Inspiration
Design Inspiration

The Mockup

Home Page
Chat Page
Contact Page

Final Product

Try out the Figma prototype here!

What I Learned
1. Basic Figma Auto layout functions + designing an AI chatbot! 

2. The type of user research and prototyping skills that go into developing an AI.
3. My own opinions and philosophies about AI - not all human-human interactions need to be optimized or automated. 
Next Steps
1. Code and implement my design to create a fully functioning consulting AI. 

2. Gather user feedback on the first iteration of Ollie the Orca and make improvements as needed.